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Calf tail bones ZEAL WAGS
calf tail bones use cows raised in natural and pure New Zealand. The manufacturing process never adds any additives, no hormones, no pigments, and no preservatives. After a low-temperature drying process, it is rich in colloids. And minerals, zero calories, zero cholesterol.

It is chewy and consists of small bones. The most active part of the whole body is strong and thick with a sense of Q. It allows pets to ingest gelatin, minerals and round small bones during the eating process. Mini dogs can also eat with peace of mind. Oxtail has zero calories, zero cholesterol and very little meat. It is a famous dish for humans, and your pet absolutely loves it!

Good palatability is the best snack for training. No added preservatives, no fragrance, no artificial coloring, no additives. Low fat, low carbohydrate, high protein, high calorie.
All production processes are strictly monitored by the New Zealand Food Safety Agency (NZFSA)! Obtained USFDA (US Food Safety and Nutrition Agency) registration and EU EU certification.

Additional Information

product analysis:
protein 72.40g
fat 8.30g
water 6.10g
gray matter 9.00g
fiber 4.20g
Brand: Zeal Da Euro
unit: Package
size: 125g (4.4oz)



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2 in stock