Sanital is an aquarium salt with the addition of aloe, intended for bathing in periods of deterioration of the condition of the fish, e.g. after transport, during acclimatization, when we find epidermis defects on the surface of the fish’s body, etc., after significant water changes in the aquarium and as an aid in combating fish pox (can be used together with Ichtio and CMF preparations). The addition of aloe accelerates the regeneration of the damaged epidermis and activates the fish’s immune system. Aquarium salt is also an effective agent for removing the biological turbidity of water caused by the massive growth of bacteria and protozoa.

– improves the condition of fish
– facilitates the regeneration of the epidermis, improves immunity
– helps remove biological clouding
– supports the fight against fish pox

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Usage: prophylactically – with each water change in the general aquarium – 2 flat teaspoons / 50 l of water; quarantine in an aquarium without substrate, biological turbidity of the water – 4 level teaspoons / 50 l of water.

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