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Pond Mix is ​​a mixture of several types of food intended for everyday feeding of ornamental fish in the pond. Recommended especially for stocking consisting of several species of fish feeding in different parts of the water. The mixture consists of flakes floating in the water, sticks floating on the surface of the water, and granules. Their properly balanced formula, containing nutrients of plant and animal origin as well as a set of vitamins and microelements, ensures excellent condition and health of the fish. The dried crustaceans (shrimps) contained in the mixture regulate the work of the digestive tract of fish and are a source of natural carotenoids that enhance the colors of the fish. Pond Mix is ​​also eagerly eaten by some amphibians and crayfish inhabiting the pond. Fish regularly fed with Pond Mix are healthy.

Beautiful and healthy fish in a pond is the result of many factors. One of the most important is a well-balanced diet adjusted to the needs of fish. The use of high-quality food not only provides the fish with the necessary nutrients but also protects the pond from overloading with metabolic products. The varied offer of products for ornamental fish and pond care includes high-quality food and preparations. Tropical ornamental fish foods are made of selected ingredients and adjusted to the nutritional needs of the fish. They provide pond fish with a healthy diet that meets their nutrient needs. They keep the fish in perfect condition, positively influencing their uniform growth and development, as well as beautiful coloration.

Pond Mix administered regularly keeps the fish in perfect condition and contributes to their even growth and development. Due to the reduced content of phosphorus, the food does not contribute to the development of algae in the pond. We use the food from early spring to late autumn, at water temperatures above 10 ° C and during the wintering of small fish indoors.

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