• basic food for all varieties of goldfish
  • the addition of fiber ensures the proper functioning of the digestive tract
  • a source of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, and microelements
  • natural carotenoids, including astaxanthin, intensify the colors of the fish
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Goldfish Color is a color food in the form of flakes for all varieties of goldfish and young koi living in both aquariums and ponds.

The Premium line consists of ready-made foods with many attractive additives that provide fish, among others, with excellent condition, beautiful colors, and greater resistance to diseases. The Premium line includes both universal and specialized products, intended for feeding fish with special nutritional requirements.

The rich formula of the Goldfish Color food takes into account the varied diet of carp fish, ensuring their excellent condition. A high proportion of fiber, including those from a mixture of grasses, ensures the proper functioning of the long digestive tract of this group of fish, and L-carnitine regulates fat metabolism, facilitating its full utilization by the fish’s organism. Wheat germs present in the food are a source of valuable, unsaturated fatty acids and a concentrated dose of vitamins and microelements. Regular use of Goldfish Color flakes increases the intensity of fish colors thanks to the addition of astaxanthin.

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