• recommended when setting up a new aquarium
  • neutralizes poisonous heavy metal salts
  • protects fish against the aggressive effects of fresh tap water
  • has anti – stress properties – aloe extract soothes abrasions
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Esklarin is a preparation with aloe extract for the treatment of raw tap water intended for aquarium purposes.

Tropical Aqua Care aquarium preparations make setting up and maintaining an aquarium easier. They are a source of micronutrients necessary for the proper functioning of fish organisms, and nutrients for aquatic plants, ensuring their lush growth and healthy appearance. An important group of preparations are agents for the treatment and preparation of tap water for aquarium purposes. This is important because most aquarists use tap water disinfected with chlorine or its compounds that are toxic to fish. Such water requires special treatment to make it safe for the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Esklarin is especially recommended when setting up a new aquarium, during water changes, quarantine and convalescence. Esklarin with aloe neutralizes heavy metal salts poisoning to fish and protects the skin, gills and eyes of fish against the aggressive effects of fresh tap water. The addition of substances with an anti-stress effect calms the fish scared by cleaning procedures in the aquarium, transport and acclimatization to new conditions. Aloe soothes abrasions and accelerates the regeneration of the damaged epidermis, reducing the risk of inflammation. In addition, it activates the immune system of the fish and has a positive effect on the digestive tract.


10 ml / 50 l of water. Always use in a newly established aquarium, and also after each partial and complete water change. Intensive aeration of the tank supports the action of the preparation. In some cases, the water in the aquarium may foam after the administration of the agent. Tap water disinfected with chlorine compounds should be treated with Antychlor, which can be used simultaneously with Esklarin.
Attention! Do not use simultaneously with other aquarium preparations (except Antychlor). Use other agents after a minimum of one day.

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