• clarifies water that has become cloudy as a result of e.g. overfeeding or improper filtration
  • quickly restores water clarity
  • has a positive effect on the survival of eggs and hatching
  • after the cloudiness subsides, we recommend using Bacto-Active
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Bactosan is a preparation intended for the clarification of aquarium water that has become cloudy as a result of poor filtration or overfeeding of fish.

Tropical Aqua Care aquarium preparations make setting up and maintaining an aquarium easier. They are a source of micronutrients necessary for the proper functioning of fish organisms, and nutrients for aquatic plants, ensuring their lush growth and healthy appearance. An important group of preparations are agents for the treatment and preparation of tap water for aquarium purposes. This is important because most aquarists use tap water disinfected with chlorine or its compounds that are toxic to fish. Such water requires special treatment to make it safe for the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Water turbidity also appears in newly established tanks with an undetermined biological equilibrium. Bactosan quickly and effectively restores clarity to the water, which improves the living conditions of the fish and the aesthetic value of the aquarium. When used in breeding aquariums, it has a positive effect on the survival of eggs and hatching of delicate fish species. After the biological turbidity subsides, we recommend using Bacto-Active in the aquarium. If biological turbidity occurs again, the following should be analyzed: filtration efficiency, amount of food fed, stocking density, frequency of water changes. The frequent recurrence of the problem indicates a biological imbalance in the tank.


Directions for use: 10 ml / 100 l of water. Use until the turbidity of the water disappears. During the treatment, change 20-30% of the water every day and add the preparation proportionally. When using the preparation, we recommend that you limit feeding or stop it altogether. If despite the use of the product, the turbidity persists for more than 5 days or it systematically returns, the functioning of the aquarium should be analyzed. Note! Do not use it simultaneously with other aquarium preparations.

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