• speeds up the maturation process
  • breaks down the accumulated organic matter
  • for use in newly established aquariums and stable tanks
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Bacto-Active are live bacterial cultures for freshwater and marine aquariums.

Tropical Aqua Care aquarium preparations make setting up and maintaining an aquarium easier. They are a source of micronutrients necessary for the proper functioning of fish organisms, and nutrients for aquatic plants, ensuring their lush growth and healthy appearance. An important group of preparations are agents for the treatment and preparation of tap water for aquarium purposes. This is important because most aquarists use tap water disinfected with chlorine or its compounds that are toxic to fish. Such water requires special treatment to make it safe for the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Bacto-Active contains selected strains of bacteria that quickly and effectively decompose the organic matter accumulated in the substrate, filters, and decorative elements. This makes aquarium maintenance easier. The Bacto-Active preparation in conjunction with regular water changes means that even in “old” aquariums, the living conditions for aquatic organisms are perfect, and the caregiver has less work to remove residual organic residues. Thanks to the regular use of the preparation, the water is clean, transparent, and safe for the inhabitants of the aquarium.

In addition, the bacterial strains contained in the Bacto-Active preparation support the action of nitrifying bacteria. Thanks to their work in new aquariums, nitrifying bacteria settle faster and the biological balance is established in a shorter time. After using Bacto-Active, the new aquarium syndrome is no longer a problem. Bacto-Active is intended for use in new tanks with treated tap water, in stabilized aquariums, after changing the water or cleaning the filter, and after treating fish with bactericidal preparations.

Shake well before use! Treat raw tap water with Antychlor or Esklarin. Immature aquariums: 5 ml / 75 l of water once a week, after 3 weeks dosing as in a mature aquarium. Mature aquariums – 5 ml / 45 l of water once a month. Salt water slows down the effect of Tropical Bacto-Active, so use 25-50% more of the preparation in it.


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