• allows you to treat aquarium water quickly and safely
  • neutralizes chlorine that is toxic to fish
  • Works instantly, perfect for emergency use
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Antychlor is a preparation intended for the quick treatment of raw tap water used for aquarium purposes.

Tropical Aqua Care aquarium preparations make setting up and maintaining an aquarium easier. They are a source of micronutrients necessary for the proper functioning of fish organisms, and nutrients for aquatic plants, ensuring their lush growth and healthy appearance. An important group of preparations are agents for the treatment and preparation of tap water for aquarium purposes. This is important because most aquarists use tap water disinfected with chlorine or its compounds that are toxic to fish. Such water requires special treatment to make it safe for the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Antichlorine is especially recommended when setting up a new aquarium at home or on display, and when changing the water in an existing aquarium. Antichlorine quickly neutralizes the poisonous chlorine that is dangerous for aquarium fish, present in tap water disinfected with chlorine compounds. When there is a need to quickly introduce fish into the aquarium with fresh tap water, we recommend using Antychlor, strong aeration of the water, and raising its temperature to the required value for a given species of fish. Then, several minutes after applying Antychlor, pour Esklarin into the aquarium, which protects the delicate skin of fish against harmful substances present in freshwater.

DOSAGE: 10 ml / 100 l of raw tap water: raise the water temperature to that required for a given fish species, intensively aerate and filter. Always use in new aquariums and after each water change. Use simultaneously with Esklarin, Blacklarin, or Shrimp Guard.
Attention! Do not use simultaneously with other aquarium preparations (except those mentioned above).

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