SoCat LICK QUID with Tuna x4


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These creamy snacks are great lick treats that cats love. LICK QUID with tuna are easy to distribute thanks to its “pod” format. Make your cat happy, even picky cats love them!

♦ 60g

♥ Product of France

100 in stock

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♥ No grit

This treat was developed grain-free for better digestion.

♥ Strong palatability

The sense of smell and appetite are fully linked in cats. The Lick Quid has strong palatability due to its strong smell of tuna.

♥ wet snack

This wet snack will be ideal for cats with teething problems.



Fish and fish by-products (bonito 67%), vegetable by-products, oils, and fats, mineral substances

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 10%, crude fat 1.5%, crude fiber 1%, crude ash 2%, moisture 83%.


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SoCat LICK QUID with Tuna x4


100 in stock