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A balanced nutritious diet dog food with protein, fat and energy ratio to get rid of excess weight for adult dogs over 1 year old with little activity.

* High protein ratio and low carbohydrate ratio are set for overweight dogs to strengthen lean muscle mass.
* It contains chicken meat with high nutritional value, lamb meat, salmon, sea fish, egg and 16% raw fiber as a protein source.
* The carbohydrate, fat and protein ratio in its content is balanced in accordance with the feeding of overweight dogs.
* In addition to ensuring easy digestion, its natural content protects the digestive system.
* Contains organic sea vegetables that help the development and acceleration of metabolism.
* Containing vitamins and herbal products with antioxidant properties help protect general health and immune system.

* The apple in its content helps to protect digestive health by facilitating digestion.
* Contains green lipped mussel, which is a source of glucosamine that strengthens the skeleton and joint structure.
* It contains vitamin A, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are necessary for healthy skin and shiny hair structure.
* Supports stronger bone and tooth development thanks to optimum levels of calcium and phosphorus.
* Its vitamin E content strengthens the body’s natural defense mechanism by fighting the harmful effects of free radicals.
* The yeast in its content strengthens the immune system.

* Each kibble is a balanced energy source with less fat and more protein.

* Reduced energy intake provides protection against lifestyle diseases such as obesity and joint problems.

* Energy content has been formulated according to the amount of nutrition, only to meet the needs.

* Made in the highest quality in GERMANY with extremely strict independent controls, with the perfect combination of vital nutrients.

Additional information

chicken Meat, corn, plant fiber, corn flour, salmon meal, fish meal, lamb meat, poultry fat, beet fiber, sunflower oil, apple pulp, rapeseed oil, soy chloride, egg powder, yeast, potassium chloride, seaweed, flax seeds, herbal mixture, mussels, yeast extract


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10 in stock