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  • Cat furniture with Italian design
  • Stable thanks to the large support base
  • Robust thanks to being made entirely of wood
  • A spacious bed equipped with a comfortable removable cushion
  • Levels with double-sided two-tone cushion
  • Soft and durable cushions in faux fur and velvet-effect materials.
  • Sisal ball for playtime
  • The rear scratching panel can be replaced


Thanks to the vertical tower structure, this cat furniture will offer your furry friend a cosy shelter whilst also keeping your pet in shape. The dual openings on the front have been designed to allow easy entry for the animal and to simultaneously permit jumping straight in. The Blanco is also equipped with a large central platform with comfortable double-face cushion with warm faux fur on one side and soft velvet-effect on the other. Kitty couldn’t want for anything more during the cold season! In the upper part, the structure has a comfortable platform, ideal for keeping a watchful eye over the room and monitoring the surrounding environment; a cute ball-shaped toy in sisal also ensures your friend a lot of fun. The velvet-effect cushions are robust and resistant to wear, thus being practical and easy to maintain. In the lower part, you will find a hideaway, also complete with a comfortable double-face pillow, where your cat can rest far from prying eyes.

The Blanco cat structure is made of wood with a white finish, having a square support base, and being robust and solid. On the side, a large surface area is covered with durable sisal to allow your furry friend to scratch at will. This panel is available for individual sale so you can replace it as needed.

With a Made in Italy design, Blanco is part of the line of furniture designed for cats of all sizes, suitable for any home. Depending on the space you have, you can choose a product that best suits your needs from amongst the various models available.


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6 in stock